Sunday, May 22, 2011


yay!!!!suka..suka..suka..suka sangat dpt jumpa n lepak ngan kwn2..w/pon tk sempat bertanya khabar dan bercerita pasal family,anak2 n career..we don't really bother 'bout winning @ getting top 10 in d tourney..apa yg penting????
JUMPA N BORAK2 ngan dear friends..i do luv you girls..
we're lucky to have Emy in d team coz dia ada bola sendiri yg kami semua boleh share...hahahaha..opps..not juz that..she's coaching leen n as n me too..for free...yay!!!that's what friends are for..huhuhu
Aku enjoy sngat hari ni w/pon penat gilos you all..really had a great time!!!!
tq to en.bakar yg sudi jaga n layan suri td..muahx..

                                         SILVER/GREY is our player theme colour.
                                 TQ to my dear fren Evany a.k.a biz partner for your support today..

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